Saturday, July 27

Piezo Audio Indicator HP3025XW Sound

 Audio Indicator HP3025XW Sound 

 Internal-Driven , Dia 30 x25mm Worked with 12V DC , Output3.5K Hz 90dB at 10cm

Thursday, June 20

Piezoelectric Buzzer HP2310AX Sound

Piezoelectric Buzzer HP2310AX Sound-Internal Driven Piezo Buzzer ,Pin terminal type,Dia 23x10mm Worked with 12V 24V DC.Output 3.5K Hz 85dB at 10cm​

Piezo Buzzer HP2312XW Sound

 HP2312AXW 12V Piezo Buzzer , Low power consumption , high sound pressure, Main application of this buzzer is alarm ,Automotive alarm .

Thursday, May 23

How USB Mosquito Killer Lamp Working

USB Mosquito Killer Lamp Photocatalyst Flycatcher Zapper with 6 LED Night Light Insect Fly Pest Killing

1. Physical principles

1. Using special led light to attract mosquitoes
2. Through a powerful fan suction the mosquitoes into the mosquito box, then mosquitoes will death because of air dried .