Wednesday, October 20

Solar Electronic Snake Repeller - How to get rid of snakes ?

Wednesday, October 13

Solar Rodent Repeller,Solar Mole Repeller-How to get rid of moles and destructive rodents in the garden, Lawn?

Solar Powered Mole Rodent Repeller SA-01

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The Solar Powered Mole and Rodent repellent works in the garden, Lawn. And it also works on voles, shrews , Gopher, and other destructive rodents.
Chase away Mole and other ground Rodents with sound instead of poisons . Our Solar Mole Repeller emits an intermittent combination of underground sound and vibration that Mole and other burrowing Rodents can't stand . Push the stake in the ground, turn it on, and Mole clear out fast. Won't disturb household pets. Runs days and night and is powered by long-life Ni-MH solar charged rechargeable batteries (included Battery ).
The Advanced Solar Powered Mole Repeller has high-spec solar panels and an aluminum cannulation . The aluminum cannulation give more durability and makes it easier to insert in the soil. More importantly, aluminium is a better conductor of the repelling vibrations.