Thursday, October 18

Solar Electronic Snake Repeller

Solar Electronic Snake Repeller, Snake Control Systems

Solar Snake Repeller is a Solar Powered Electronic Snake Repellent get rid of all poisonous snakes . including:

Brown snakes 
Tiger snakes 
Rattles snakes 
Copperhead snakes 
Garter snakes
The only effective snake control available, Solar snake control products send out signals through the ground every 30 second . The snakes pick this up as a vibration that makes the snakes distinctly uncomfortable, persuading them to leave the area.

Advantages of Solar Electronic Snake Repellents

As they are solar power systems there is no need to spread expensive, potentially dangerous and for the most part ineffective chemicals around your home

This pest control unit is very safe to use around children and animals 
Keeps snakes out 24 hours a day 
Each reptile repellent unit has a range of 15 metres radius (45ft) 
Simple to install 
Does not kill snakes 
The best snake fence to keep any snake away from your home 
Snakes in gardens are quickly removed 
Snake and dog encounters avoided 
Fully enclosed unit operates independent of any other power supply 
Will not harm dogs, cats or any other livestock

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